The Tris method in Roulette: what it is and how it works

Roulette is one of the oldest games in the world and certainly represents the world of casinos at its best.

For this reason, since the dawn of time, players have been looking for a method to optimize their bets and play methodically.

We bring you the guide to one of the methods most used by roulette players.

So get comfortable and take notes. Below you can find the full explanation of the method and, of course, also tips on how to make the most of it.

Tris roulette method: how it works

Tris roulette method

The premise to be always done when talking about Roulette is that, both in physical casinos and online, the combination that results when the ball stops is always random and, statistically, it could happen that the same combination happens many times in a row.

This clearly makes it difficult to predict the outcomes, as you basically have nothing certain to go by.

This method, however, allows you to “rely” (almost paradoxically) on chance, allowing you to study the consecutive exits and exploit them with the following bets. Let’s see how.

Of course, we know very well that it is not easy, especially while you are playing, to note down all the exits from time to time and above all in a precise way. With the Tris method, however, it will not be complicated at all since you will have to pay attention to just a few pieces of data.

Tris roulette method: practical examples

With Tris, as you can imagine from the name, you have to wait for three consecutive exits of the same element, such as three reds or three blacks, three evens or three odd.

Once three reds have come up three times in a row, for example, then on the fourth bet, you must bet on black.

This method basically relies on the fact that, sooner or later, the combination will change.

To better manage your bankroll, once you have established your budget, if the bet you place after considering the Tris method is a loser, just double it to break even.

Obviously, the method of Tris, like any other method, does not give certainty of victory. It is only a statistical guess that can help you to play with a precise strategy.

Every time you sit down at a table, you just have to think about having fun and playing according to your possibilities.