Strategy for winning at Live Monopoly Online

Before playing Live Monopoly, you should be aware that the rate of return to the player varies greatly. It depends mainly on the sections, in which the bets are placed. In the 1 point section, for example, the rates are around 92.88%. In the 2-point section they can be as high as 96.23%. In section 5 they are 91.30% and in section 10 96.02%. In the Rolls sections, you have a 93.30% rate for the 2 Rolls and a 93.67% rate for the 4 Rolls.

Talking about the game itself, out of the 54 sections on the wheel, you have 4 sections giving access to the bonus part of the game. The chances of landing on one of these bonus squares are at least 1 in 13.5 throws. If you want to last until these bonus rounds arrive, you can bet on the sections with the highest return rates to the player, i.e. section 2 with a rate of 96.23%, and section 10 with a rate of 96.02%. Alternatively, another strategy is to bet (but sparingly) on the Rolls sections (2 Rolls and 4 Rolls).

In Casino Monopoly, the bonus games mainly allow you to obtain multipliers in successive ways. This helps you to gradually replenish your winnings and your starting stake.

Monopoly live bets

Speaking of the ‘luck‘ sections, you can get a 10-point win multiplier. This can easily be followed by a 150-point multiplier. This in the end will allow you to win up to 1,500 times your starting bet. If you refer to the game’s terms and conditions, from a purely theoretical point of view, the maximum winnings advanced by the game can be well up to $500,000.

Note that the possible ratios vary depending on the Casino Monopoly game mode. When playing with the wheel, Monopoly Live allows you to win a stake multiplied by the number corresponding to the designated section (x1, x2, x5, and x10). With the board mode, you can collect successive multipliers. This allows you to multiply the starting bet by 1000 in some cases.

In view of the above analysis, to win the maximum amount of money in Casino Monopoly, it is in your best interest to activate the bonus part of the game. It should be noted that Monopoly Live is a live game that is based entirely on chance. For this reason, you will need to be careful not to swing your bets all at once. The key is to play finely. The best way to do this is to secure your bankroll by betting moderately on the Rolls sections.

If you’re advocating caution when strategizing your play, you’ll need to keep in mind that at Monopoly Casino, 20.3% of the sections allow you to multiply your starting bet by 5 or 10. With this rate, it will be possible for you to land on one of the x5 and/or x10 sections more than 5 times. The 42.6% of the wheel’s sections represent the 1 segment that allows you to double your bet.

Evolution Gaming, an expert in live casino

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