RealTime Gaming Casino – A Guide to Gaming Software

Players familiar with the various licensed online casinos will certainly be familiar with Realtime Gaming Casinos, those casinos that feature the RTG provider among their suppliers. Some of these casinos rely solely and exclusively on Realtime Gaming’s technology, while others include a selection of its products as well as those of other gaming providers.

Realtime Gaming is a company that has been in business since 1998 and has accumulated years and years of experience in the online gambling industry as well as an excellent reputation. The real leap forward for this provider, and consequently for the Realtime Gaming Casinos that use their products, came with the acquisition by Hastings International in January 2007.

Since then, RTG has taken an uphill road in terms of commitment of economic resources and energy to create casino games more efficient and competitive. The game has been worth the candle, and today RTG casinos are among the most popular and appreciated internationally.

Realtime Gaming Casino Features

Realtime Gaming Casino logo

Although Realtime Gaming Casinos behave exactly like all other online casinos in terms of, for example, the best online casino bonuses or payment methods available, it varies when it comes to games and features that depend on the provider.

Some online casinos lack basic functionality simply because they rely on relatively new gaming providers, which can certainly offer games of depth, but without being able to cover a wide and diverse offer as RTG can do.

Realtime Gaming Casinos can offer an all-around experience that includes sports betting, table games, poker, slot machines and much more. They also allow you to play in “Instant Play” without having to download anything rather than downloading the game directly to your pc or mobile device.

The Mobile Version of Realtime Casino

Mobile Version of Realtime Casino

Great attention has been dedicated by RTG to the mobile versions of its casinos, so much so that on the official website, the company does not hide that its priority is precisely the users of smartphones and tablets.

A choice that shines through in Realtime Gaming Casinos that pay a lot of attention to those users who prefer to play from mobile much more than from desktop PC.

For this reason, RTG casinos present games specially designed for mobile devices and often offer the possibility to play remotely from a cell phone by downloading software or directly via browser.

Graphical Level RTG Games

One of the winning aspects of Realtime Gaming Casinos is the fact that their games are always graphically impeccable.

Some readers will turn up their noses thinking, “what’s the point of having games of the best online casinos graphically well made, I care about the jackpot!” and on this certainly we can not blame you, but if the same jackpot made available you can also have stunning graphics, then it is perhaps not an added value?

From this point of view, then RTG games never disappoint, not only because they offer rich jackpots, but also for the care and attention to graphic detail, as well as the sound. A casino game has to be a fun and engaging experience, as well as a profitable one, and in this Realtime Gaming, Casino games do not disappoint expectations.

Realtime Gaming Casino Strengths

Let’s look at the main ones:

  • Excellent compatibility with mobile devices;
  • Possibility to play via browser or by downloading the software;
  • Very high productivity with new RTG games always available;
  • Wide selection of slot machines of all types and even with progressive jackpots.

On the other hand, in terms of the weaknesses of this provider, we have not found anything in particular. Perhaps to be picky, the only downside is that lovers of Marvel superhero slots might be disappointed, but otherwise, the breadth and variety of RTG games more than makes up for it.